Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasound Services in Michigan

Whether you wish to confirm a pregnancy or you believe you could be pregnant, Northland Family Planning can help. There are three methods of confirming pregnancy and the best option is determined by your last menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy Testing Options

No appointment is needed for a urine pregnancy test:

    • Early Urine Sensi-Test is best if you have not yet missed a period and suspect you may be pregnant. This test can detect pregnancy 10 days after conception. We provide this FREE of charge.

Appointments are needed for the blood pregnancy test & ultrasound.  A small fee is charged for these services.  Call the Northland Center nearest you – very often, same-day appointments are available:

    • Blood Tests are the most accurate pregnancy detection method and can be done well before a period is missed.  This test can detect a pregnancy 7-10 days post-conception. An appointment is needed for a blood test and results are available 24 hours after the test is performed.


Whether your test is positive or negative, reproductive health advocates are available to all our patients. Unbiased and trained, our staff is here to discuss all your reproductive options and referrals to appropriate agencies or doctors are always provided free of charge.

What if I’m Pregnant?

For many people, this question brings different feelings at different times in our lives. Sometimes, we may be excited and planning and wishing for a baby, and we hope for a positive result. Other times, we are worried that our test result will be positive because we had not planned to be pregnant and do not see this as the right time in our lives to be pregnant.

We know that if you are pregnant, you are going to make the decision as to whether or not to continue the pregnancy very thoughtfully. Like you, we know that each pregnancy is different and the choice you make will come from a loving heart and a clear head. You know your life situation best and will make the decision that is best for yourself, for those who already depend on you, and for your future and your dreams. At Northland, we can help walk you through all of your pregnancy options and discuss what you think is the best option for you.

Our Promise

If you are pregnant and unsure of your path, we encourage you to involve someone you trust to talk about your options. In addition, there are many helpful tools available to help you work through the decision-making process. Call us to set up an appointment if this is a service you are interested in.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused or are simply unsure what is the best decision for you at this time, you may find the Pregnancy Options Workbook very helpful.

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