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Please note that masks are optional in all Northland Family Planning locations.

If you have had any of the following symptoms of illness in the last 48 hours, call us to reschedule your appointment:
  • Sore throat
  • Fever (100.0 or higher)
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Body aches/tiredness
  • Runny nose
  • General cold & flu symptoms

Why Northland?

What separates Northland Family Planning Centers from the rest?

  • High-Quality Services

    Northland Family Planning is a reproductive health clinic for those seeking compassionate, low-cost health care in a warm, clean and professional environment. With so many contraception options available, deciding what family planning method is best for you can be confusing. Please speak with one of our health care workers about your options and what may be best for you.

  • Nurturing Atmosphere

    We know that the world is a far better place when people have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, pregnancy options and sexuality. Maintaining those freedoms is our mission. You will love the Northland difference.

  • Exceptional Care

    We ensure that our entire Northland team – our board-certified physicians, our specially-trained physicians, nurse practitioners and staff will take care of you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Your privacy, comfort and health are our main priorities and we are here to assist in any of your reproductive health needs. 

  • 3 Convenient Locations

    With an office in Sterling Heights, Westland, and Southfield, we provide a relaxing and safe environment during your most sensitive times. We are inspected and certified members of the National Abortion Federation and members of the Abortion Care Network.

Abortion Clinic Care

Helping Pregnant people between 4-24 weeks of pregnancy.

Long ago, we realized that we don’t just treat a person’s body. We specialize in a unique area of medicine that requires us to treat the whole person…your head, your heart and your body. Abortion is morally and ethically complex, but medically simple. We know that choosing an abortion, whether it's a first trimester abortion or second trimester abortion, is not an easy decision. But Northland Family Planning Centers provides a warm, safe and compassionate environment for pregnant people to search for an answer, find abortion care or family planning services.  That is why we provide our patients with several abortion options. For answers to commonly asked questions about abortion, please visit our Abortion Care FAQ.


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Financial Assistance

The help you need for the care you deserve.

  • Abortion Care

    As a member of the National Abortion Federation, our patients are eligible for funding that can help with the cost of abortion care.  We can determine your eligibility for these funds right over the phone. Patients who are homeless or incarcerated are eligible for these funding sources. Our clinics have access to other funds that can help with the cost of travel, hotel arrangments and childcare, if required. Please call us for further details.


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Special Offers

Our fees are lower than any other family planning center around.
Emergency Contraception Prices

We know there are many reasons why unprotected sex happens…maybe your birth control method was not available, the condom broke, or your birth control method failed. Emergency Contraception (birth control after intercourse) also called EC, the Morning After Pill, Plan B or ECT, is a “second chance” for you to protect yourself from unintended pregnancy.

Come into our office to purchase when you need it, or buy one as a back-up to keep on hand.  

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Save on Medical Services

We offer FREE early urine-sensi testing. Call today and ask about how you can save $10 on our medical services.

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