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Is a Cheap Abortion the Best Option?

Not all abortion providers are the same. This can make choosing an abortion clinic that will provide excellent, quality care confusing. Remember, this is your body and your health. Choose an abortion care provider as if your life depends on it…BECAUSE IT DOES!

Check your options carefully. Selecting a place where you will have an abortion should be about where you feel safe; where the doctors, nurses and support staff are willing to answer all of your questions. The clinic should be clean, well-staffed, and willing to take time to make sure that you are well informed and comfortable with your decision. A good clinic will care about your total health, not just this pregnancy.

Northland Family Planning Centers are inspected and certified by the National Abortion Federation. We know that we are not the cheapest, but that’s because we are choosing to provide top-notch health care. We believe that a quality physician, staff, and clinic is more important than being too cheap. Our fees are exactly what we say, with NO hidden costs. We also provide financial assistance to those that qualify. Be sure that other clinics are being honest about their price. Our clinics are safe and clean, and we are proud to have you see them. If you visit a different clinic that seems dingy and dirty, imagine what their surgical rooms may look like. We recommend you visit ahead of your appointment to see how you feel about the place you have chosen for your abortion care.

Contact Northland Family Planning if you, or someone you know, need information about a first trimester abortion, second trimester abortion, or abortion pill  procedure.