About Us

We believe the world is a better place when people have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproductive options and sexuality. We PROMISE to honor this mission each and every day.

Who We Are

We are Northland Family Planning, a dedicated, passionate group of professionals who care deeply about reproductive health. We are mothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, friends. We are husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, friends.

We are united and share in this common goal: to provide exceptional reproductive health care in an environment that is safe, clean and filled with compassion and support.

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Our Staff

Our highly-skilled doctors are board-certified and specially-trained experts in abortion care who have chosen to provide this service because they believe that pregnant people, not the government or religious organizations, should be able to choose whether or not to bring a new life into this world. They want to ensure that a person who chooses to terminate their pregnancy can do so in a safe, supportive environment.

Our nurse practitioners offer a gentle perspective on reproductive health care and have the expertise to answer questions about birth control, sexually transmitted infections or other reproductive health concerns.

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Options and Conversations

The people who make up our wonderful patient advocate and medical staff are compassionate listeners, experienced in family planning and birth control discussions. They also are able to provide resources to those in need of other services such as ob/gyn doctors, domestic violence referrals and shelters.

We have partnered with a pro-choice adoption agency specializing in open adoptions.  We want people to feel empowered, informed and strong in their adoption journey, if that is their choice.  We care about birth families and adoptive families and work with them to create  an adoption plan that works for everyone, with the best interests of the child at heart.

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Financial Assistance

Northland Family Planning has financial assistance available for those living on a low income.  Our staff is exceptional at helping people in need to obtain this funding assistance.  We can complete eligibility for funding at the same time you call to make your appointment. We do not offer a payment plan option but we will personally help you brainstorm ways to raise money, or work overtime ourselves to call funding agencies on your behalf.  We are dedicated funding advocates for pregnant people- give us a call.

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