First Steps


Before Abortion

Northland Family Planning has been serving abortion patients in the Metro Detroit area for nearly 50 years. Our compassionate and dedicated staff are here for you every step of the way.

If you are interested in receiving an abortion there are some steps that you are required to take.

Michigan has a Informed Consent for Abortion ( which requires you to go to the state's website and print out a confirmation. There are very specific instructions to follow before an abortion. WE CANNOT PERFORM YOUR ABORTION unless you PRINT the correct paperwork and BRING IT with you to your appointment.  This is Michigan State Law. 

We offer personal appointment options for those with tight schedules, childcare concerns, or who prefer to reduce the length of time spent in our center, at an additional cost. The Fast Track option ($100 plus the procedure cost) is for an appointment on the same day as other patients.  This option allows you to "be next" in each step of your pre-abortion care adn to be seen prior to other patients for your procedure. The Private Patient option ($600 plus the procedure cost) is for those who prefer an appointment when there are no other patients in the center. We offer a completely private abortion and allow you to have your partner or support person join you throughout the visit (NOTE: partners are currently not allowed due to COVID-19). The fee for this option includes the IV moderate sedation. 

Michigan’s Teen Abortion law requires minors (under age 18) to obtain written parental consent or a judicial bypass for abortion. We can help you with both.

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Choosing an Abortion Clinic

Choosing an abortion clinic that will provide excellent, quality care may be confusing since not all abortion providers are the same. We encourage you to check your options carefully.

There are many different abortion clinics and most simply do not offer the level of service or professionalism that is the hallmark of Northland Family Planning Centers. We promise that we will take care of both your physical and emotional health after an abortion by ensuring your comfort and safety through excellent physicians and support staff by your side.



Please be aware that these clinics often portray themselves as medical clinics and even choose names for their operations that seem legitimate.

For your own safety and protection, ASK questions before you go to visit these clinics. Ask them, “Do you perform abortions in your office?” If they do not answer with a direct YES, you may not have contacted a legitimate provider. If they answer NO, then you have probably called a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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Your Safety and Privacy

Occasionally, picketers stand outside of the clinics, but there are laws that protect you.  They cannot enter onto private property and are restricted to the public sidewalks…Once inside our offices, you will immediately feel comfortable and safe.

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Financial Assistance

Northland Family Planning has financial help available for people living on a low income. Our staff is exceptional at helping people in need obtain this funding assistance. We can complete eligibility for funding at the same time you call to make your appointment. We are dedicated funding advocates for everyone - give us a call.

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