Northland Family Planning’s Telehealth Abortion Clinic

Northland Family Planning is proud to provide care that meets your needs. While our three metro Detroit abortion clinics offer expert, quality care – we understand that care may not be accessible for those of you that don’t live near us or have the capacity to visit our abortion clinic in person. That is why we now offer compassionate, quality, telehealth abortion pill services. Our physicians are not only experts in abortion care, but are also here for your follow-up care should you need it– in-person. We offer discreet shipping of the abortion pill by mail  soon after your abortion telehealth visit with our team.

Virtual Care VS In Person Appointments:

Whether you are visiting us in person or virtually, Northland Family Planning will provide you with excellent care. If you are located near one of our abortion clinics, we do recommend scheduling a visit in person. Our specialty trained physicians are here to build a relationship with you and support you. For ease of questions and follow up care, in person appointments offer you the most comprehensive abortion care.

For those unable to travel to one of our clinics, we are determined to ensure you are not left without high quality care simply due to your location, lack of transportation, or other barriers. If you can’t see us in person, using our telehealth abortion pill service may be right for you.

Scheduling An Appointment:

Our telehealth abortion clinic appointments are easy, affordable and confidential with minimal steps. After you schedule the appointment:

  • You will complete a brief screening process online
  • You will complete a short virtual video chat with one of our patient care staff who will explain the medication abortion instructions and process.
  • Your FDA-approved abortion medications will be discreetly delivered from a licensed pharmacy to your Michigan mailing address in 24 hours via FedEx.


  • Must be less than 11 weeks pregnant (pregnancy calculator link)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must not have a history of ectopic (tubal) pregnancy or any complications from the medication abortion pill
  • Must have a Michigan mailing address for the medication delivery

We make every effort to keep this process as simple as possible. If you have questions or would like to schedule a virtual abortion clinic visit for the abortion pill by mail, please give us a call during business hours at 1-800-447-7354 and one of our phone advocates will be happy to assist you. If it is outside business hours, you can request an appointment HERE .


The fee for our telehealth abortion pill service includes the medications, consultation with our patient care staff, as well as a follow-up pregnancy test mailed with your medications.

This service is provided at a discounted cost. Therefore, if additional visits are needed, there will be a fee charged.

If you are struggling to afford your abortion, we have funding resources (hyperlink to funding page) available for those who need it, just as we do for our in-clinic patient care.

Important Note:

If you are worried or do not feel safe receiving the abortion pill by mail, for whatever reason, please reach out to our staff about scheduling an in-person visit. We are here for you– in person or virtually. So give us a call to discuss the best option for you.

Pills From Another Clinic?

We are happy to see patients who may have gotten abortion pills from another provider either here in Michigan or elsewhere. We want to be sure you feel safe and that your procedure worked. If you are concerned and want to be sure your procedure worked, give us a call for an appointment. There will be a fee for an office visit evaluation.