Physical Healing After an Abortion

After an abortion, taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. 

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Homecare After Abortion

It is important to pay attention to both physical healing and your emotional well being after an abortion.

We know each influences the other. Take it easy, listen to your body and get extra rest. This section deals with physical healing after an abortion. To learn more about emotional changes, please see our Emotional Health section.

Our staff promises to spend time with our patients both before and after their procedure to discuss what to expect while recovering at home. There is a lot to remember from your appointment day and we know that you may forget some of the information provided to you.

This web site, and our Homecare Video for the Abortion Pill or Homecare Video for surgical abortion, should help. These videos offer a summary of your written homecare instructions, highlighting the most important things to remember. Refer to the Homecare Booklet you were given while you were at our office for more detailed information.

We are honored that you chose Northland Family Planning Clinic for your abortion care. However, your care does not end when you leave our clinic. We want to make sure you are taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically when you get home. Northland Family Planning Centers are specialists in abortion care. Our team knows more about how to take care of any problems or complications than those who do not perform this type of procedure. If you have any questions or concerns, or are worried, please call us. We want to help.



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Physical Self-Care

Expect a call from our staff on the day following your appointment. We care about you and want to make sure you are doing ok, taking good care of yourself, properly healing after the abortion procedure, and do not have any concerns or questions. Pleas call us back if we were unable to reach you and left a message.

  • Drink fluids, eat healthy foods.
  • Take it easy, listen to your body and get extra rest, if you need it.
  • Take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor right away and for the full amount of days prescribed!
  • Do not exercise for two weeks, do not swim or take a tub bath for 2 weeks.
  • Don’t use ANYTHING vaginally for 2 weeks – no sex, no tampons, no douches.
  • You may ovulate within days or weeks after an abortion, which means …yes, you could get pregnant after an abortion!
  • After your follow up exam, have sex only if YOU feel physically recovered. Be sure to discuss birth control with your partner if you don’t want to become pregnant.
  • Be sure you come in for your follow-up appointment. This is extremely important to make sure there is no infection in your uterus and to see that you are healing properly. There is no charge for this appointment.

When to be concerned

Please refer to the Recovery At Home homecare booklet you received at the clinic for a list of possible complications. If you are having an abortion-related problem DO NOT wait…call the Center where you were seen immediately (during normal business hours). Do not delay, we want to help.

The Northland Family Planning after-hours number is for emergencies only, not general questions or information. If you are experiencing a medical emergency you feel cannot wait for a call back from us, please call 911 immediately.