Adoptions in Michigan

Northland Family Planning Centers is proud to introduce a "new kind" of adoption agency
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About Adoptions

Northland has partnered with:

  • Mary Addison, a Lansing-based family practice attorney, with many years of experience with adoption and foster care.
  • Choice Network, a pro-choice adoption agency that believes adoption can be a true choice for women.

Together, our work creates a safe environment focused on helping women make the pregnancy choice that is “right” for her.  When you call or come into Northland with an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure of what to do, we will review all of your options including abortion in Michigan, parenting and adoption.  Adoption is an option that most women do not consider; sometimes, because there are a lot of unknowns surrounding the adoption process.

You may be wondering, “Why Adoption?” at a reproductive health center that specializes in quality abortion care.  While we are very proud of our excellent reputation for this, the answer is actually very simple: it is part of Northland’s core mission and vision.

“We believe the world is a better place when women have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproductive options, and sexuality.  That includes any decision about an unplanned pregnancy.  Free from any kind of intrusion or intimidation from anyone or any agency.”

We have always believed that adoption is the best choice for some women.  However, we simply did not have a referral agency we trusted to support ALL unplanned pregnancy choices for women, including abortion.  And we were unsure how to approach the circumstances of adoption in a way that would provide women with the kind of counseling Northland is known for.  That is, until we met the founder and staff of Choice Netwok.


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Choice Network

Choice Network is the “NEW GENERATION” of adoption agencies.  They believe, as we do, that adoption is pro-choice.  We love and believe in their philosophy and their vision.  We believe that this is the agency we have been looking for to make our longtime dream of adding adoption services come true.  Like Northland Family Planning, Choice Network promises to:

  • Listen to a woman’s choices
  • Respect and trust her choices
  • Do what’s right for her

Choice Network is the first adoption agency to be located on-site at centers that provide abortion care.  Their mission is to assist every woman make the right choice for her.  Their vision is to work nationally with independent clinics that provide abortion care to create a common ground for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.  Like Northland, Choice Network works with women who choose abortion, adoption and parenting.

Please visit the pages we offer here about the adoption decision AND click to the Choice Network website for more information about this “New Generation Adoption Agency” to help you through this journey.

It’s about what’s right for you…

This is just one step in your journey.