Teenage Abortion Laws

Parental consent or a judicial bypass is required for patients under 18 to obtain an abortion. 

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Teenage Abortion

It might sound scary, but don’t worry. Our knowledgeable team will help you understand the abortion process so you will have access to the care you deserve.

If you are under age 18, the State of Michigan requires that you obtain written parental consent OR receive a judicial bypass for first trimester or second trimester abortion. Whether you need a judicial bypass or help finding a way to talk with your parent(s) or guardian(s), Northland Family Planning is committed to helping you understand and manage Michigan’s teenage pregnancy abortion law.”

Teenage Abortion Laws

The State of Michigan enforces a law that is referred to as the Parental Consent abortion law, or the Judicial Bypass law. Simply stated, this law requires any minor (under age 18) to have one parent’s consent to have an abortion or they must obtain a judicial bypass from a judge. The judge does not decide if you can have an abortion, but if you are mature enough to make your own decision about your pregnancy. 

Financial Assistance

Northland Family Planning has access to several funding sources that can help cover the cost of the abortion for patients with judicial bypass.

Judicial Bypass

If you need a Judicial Bypass, the staff of Northland is here to help prepare you for this process.  When you come in, we will verify your pregnancy and get some basic health information from you. Our advocates will prepare you to meet with your attorney and explain what it is like to go in front of the judge. We also explain the abortion procedure so that you understand the procedure and the aftercare. Most judges will ask you for your understanding about this.

You will receive the name and phone number of the attorney who has agreed to help you seek a judicial waiver from a judge. This lawyer will work with you FREE of charge. If you cannot come into our office to meet with a patient advocate, please call us. We will provide the phone numbers for the local attorney.

If you have more questions about your rights in Michigan as a pregnant teen, check out the Michigan Youth Rights (MY Rights) project by the Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH). 

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If you have the permission of your parent(s)

You or your parent(s) or legal guardian can make an abortion appointment at Northland Family Planning. You can also come in for free pregnancy options counseling (with or without a parent or legal guardian). The parent or legal guardian must be with you on the day of your abortion appointment and sign all the legal and medical paperwork, including the informed consent form.

If you want to talk with one of your parents or a guardian but are feeling scared or ashamed…

Call us. We will offer you advice on how to talk to your parents. Many young people who are afraid or ashamed to face their parent(s) bring them into our clinic, and together, we tell them that they are pregnant and counsel through the process. Northland Family Planning will stand by your side.

We strongly recommend that parents supporting their children in the abortion process read our Support page for how to help cope, as this can be a difficult time for everyone involved.

Sponsored by the Abortion Conversation Project (ACP), this resource offers helpful information on talking to your parents:  CLICK HERE