Pregnancy Options

Our pregnancy counselors have been trained extensively to work with women who are unresolved about their pregnancy decision. Together, we will go through a series of questions and exercises that will help you make a clear pregnancy decision.

Pregnancy Testing

Northland Family Planning Centers offers a variety of pregnancy tests, most on a walk-in basis with results quickly available.  We also offer Pregnancy Confirmations with a positive pregnancy test for a small fee- you will need this to get state of Michigan Medicaid prenatal care coverage.

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The Abortion Decision

When a woman becomes pregnant, she is posed with a question. She must decide whether or not she is ready to bring new life into the world. It is one of the most monumental moments in a woman’s life and a decision that brings together her past, her present and her future dreams.

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Miscarriage Treatment

We are dedicated to helping women and their families in all areas of reproductive health care. We are proud to be able to offer EPL care to women who know they are experiencing a loss and those who find out when they come to the clinic.

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All choices are part of Northland’s core mission and vision. Whether it be for women who have already decided adoption is best for them, or for those women who feel that abortion or parenthood is not the answer for them and would like to learn more about adoption- we are here for you. Northland Family Planning has partnered with Choice Network to support our patients that choose adoption.

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