After Abortion Care

Even though abortion is a decision that millions of women have chosen, your personal abortion experience is unique.

After your abortion, different feelings are perfectly normal. Making sure you have proper after abortion care is important. Whether your decision to have an abortion was difficult or clear from the start, you may be wondering what to expect emotionally and physically.

Over the years, our team has listened to women discuss a variety of feelings and concerns. Because we are experts and are familiar with the emotions involved, we can offer many suggestions on how to feel at peace with your abortion decision. We’ve helped many women move forward with new ways of thinking. We are proud to be a source of comfort and information to our patients, both in our offices and on our web site. Please take a moment to view our very special video, Every Day, Good Women Choose Abortion.

“We understand that a decision can be right… and still be sad. You can be relieved that you are not pregnant now and feel sad about it at the same time. This is normal. Don’t confuse ‘sad’ with ‘bad.’ Trust your ability to know what is right.”

– Northland Family Planning Clinic

“Making a choice about your pregnancy can be a gift of learning and growth. It is an invitation for you to develop a larger vision of yourself. It’s a way to practice compassion and loving kindness toward yourself.”

– Abortion: Finding Your Own Truth, by Corrintha Rebecca Bennett,Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

“Whether we experience it or not, grief accompanies all the major changes in our lives. When we realize that we have grieved before and recovered, we see that we may recover this time as well. It is more natural to recover…than to halt in the tracks of grief forever…our expectation, willingness and beliefs are all essential to our recovery from grief. It is right to expect to recover, no matter how great the loss. Recovery is the normal way.”

– Judy Tatelbaum

Portions of this section adapted from “I Know I Made the Right Decision…but “, by Charlotte Taft, Imagine Counseling, “Pregnant? Need Help? Pregnancy Options Workbook”, developed by Peg Johnston, Southern Tier Women’s Services, EXHALE.

Note to Women in an Abusive Relationship

If you are afraid of being hurt by your partner or if someone tries to make you feel bad about yourself, please get help before it gets worse. There are services in your area that can help. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or for the National Sexual Assault Hotline (sexual assault, rape, incest) call 1-800-656-4673 and they will connect you with a trained local service provider. Counseling for you and/or your partner is available, as well as shelters, support groups, and information.