Affordable, High-Quality Health Services

Northland Family Planning focuses on the unique reproductive health needs of women.

Abortion Care Services

Northland Family Planning offers high-quality abortion care services from 4-24 weeks of pregnancy. We specialize in a unique area of medicine that requires us to treat the whole person…your head, your heart and your body. Abortion is morally and ethically complex, but medically simple. We know that choosing an abortion, whether it's a first trimester abortion or second trimester abortion, is not an easy decision. But Northland Family Planning Centers provides a warm, safe, and compassionate environment for pregnant people to search for an answer, find abortion care or family planning services. That is why we provide our patients with several abortion options. For answers to commonly asked questions about abortion, please visit our Abortion Care FAQ.

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Plan B / Emergency Contraception

When birth control fails or is not used for any reason, Plan B can protect you from unwanted pregnancy. Plan B can be taken up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse, but is most effective within the first 72 hours. Plan B is also called Emergency Contraception, EC, ECT, or the Morning After Pill.

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Birth Control / Family Planning

The Health Center for Women at Northland Family Planning is here for your family planning and birth control needs. We will discuss all options available to you and help you choose what best fits your unique lifestyle. Several of the methods we prescribe for birth control are available to you through our on-site prescription services, often for much less than you would pay at a retail pharmacy. 

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Gynecology Care

Our Health Center for Women focuses on providing the highest quality gynecological care. We know that many women prefer to speak with other women on the subjects of birth control, sexual protection, sexually transmitted infections, and other lifestyle concerns. That is why our team is made up of exceptional female Nurse Practitioners who specialize in women's health. Not only do they provide high-quality medical care, but they are also non-judgemental, but kind women who believe offering a safe space for patients to be open and honest also allows them to give the best inpatient care.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

The Health Center for Women can help you decide what STI testing is important for you to have completed. We always conduct our tests and results in a respectful and confidential manner. We test for several STIs, including genital warts, HPV, herpes, and chlamydia.

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