Gynecology Care

Affordable, High-Quality Gynecology Services

Northland Family Planning’s Health Center focuses on high-quality gynecology care. Our team of exceptional Nurse Practitioners are specialists in reproductive healthcare and ready to talk with you about birth control, protection, sexually transmitted infections and other lifestyle health concerns. In addition to being high-quality medical providers, they are kind, non-judgmental and believe that the best care is given when patients feel safe enough to be honest and open about their health concerns.

We also employ Health Educators who are comfortable answering your questions about sexuality, your body and your health. They can even help you figure out what you might want to ask the Nurse Practitioner at your appointment. We are all committed to providing you with quality care in a relaxed, clean and supportive atmosphere.  Our office cannot accommodate small children so be sure to make childcare arrangements for your appointment.

We acknowledge and respect all sexuality choices. Young people, lesbians and bisexual people may have specific health concerns, but still share the same reproductive and health needs as others. Being honest about your sexual orientation and activity helps us work with you.

Here at Northland, we keep our promises. When we say affordable, we mean it. We offer the LOWEST FEES in the area, discounts for minors with High School ID, and accept most insurance plans.  We offer these low fees because we are committed to providing excellent healthcare for those who do not have insurance or cannot afford a private physician.  Northland is a proud provider of Healthy Michigan– a program through which eligible Michigan citizens can get FREE birth control services.


If you do not have a “regular doctor” or if you have a primary care physician but cannot get an immediate appointment, our Urgent Gyn Care program is designed just for you!

Patients often find themselves dealing with an urgent gyn problem that needs treatment and attention right away… an itchy yeast infection or pain when you urinate are not health issues you should ignore, nor should you wait a week for treatment.

Northland Family Planning Center’s Urgent Gyn Care offers patients the convenience of seeing a nurse practitioner quickly and getting immediate treatment for yeast infections, bladder and other urinary infections. Call us to schedule an Urgent Care office visit. 

Northland’s Urgent Gynecology Care is for problems such as:

  • Treatment for a vaginal discharge
  • Treatment for a yeast infection
  • Treatment for a bladder infection (UTI- urinary tract infection)
  • Testing & treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI)

These visits are designed to be short and quick to deal with your current problem only. We accept insurance for these services AND we offer reasonable fees if you are currently without insurance. We understand that when problems arise and you need to see a doctor, you may not have time for a full, routine exam and just need to take care of the medical problem you’re having. Call and schedule an appointment with us for your health problems that need attention NOW!

NOTE: These visits will NOT include a full gynecology exam with a Pap smear. However, we invite you to return to our office for a full preventative care visit at your convenience!

If you are in need of gynecology, contact our Sterling Heights abortion clinicWestland abortion clinic, or Southfield abortion clinic