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Abortion Pill VS Surgical Abortion

The abortion pill method and the surgical abortion method are both safe options. The abortion method that is best for some women may not be right for others. That is why we encourage you to review the information on abortion pill VS surgical abortion, and decide for yourself which method is best for you.

Medication Abortion:

  • A medication abortion can be used in the earliest weeks of a pregnancy
  • The procedure can be completed at a clinic or at home after the abortion pill is prescribed to you
  • The procedure can be done on your schedule and can completed in a short amount of time
  • It requires no surgery or anesthesia

Surgical Abortion:

  • A surgical abortion can be completed in the first and second trimester
  • Surgical abortion is considered one of the safest out-patient procedures 
  • The procedure can be completed in one day

Some patients prefer the convenience of the surgical abortion because everything is done in one day, and, they know when they leave our office that their abortion process is complete. Some women prefer the abortion pill because it allows them to complete the process in the comfort of their own home and gives them the ability to set the timing around their personal schedule. Whichever abortion method you feel is best for you, that is the right decision.