Choosing An Abortion Clinic

Choose Your Abortion Clinic As If Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does.

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What To Look & Ask For When Choosing an Abortion Clinic

The decision to choose abortion as an alternative to continuing a pregnancy is often a difficult choice. It is also one that most people do not talk about openly. So, choosing an abortion clinic that will provide excellent, quality care may be confusing since not all abortion providers are the same. We encourage you to check your options carefully.

There are many different abortion clinics and most simply do not offer the level of service or professionalism that is the hallmark of Northland Family Planning Centers. We promise that we will take care of both your physical and emotional health after an abortion by ensuring your comfort and safety through excellent physicians and support staff by your side.

We promise to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. We promise to care for you like we would our own family and friends.

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Abortion Clinic Resources 

Choosing an abortion clinic is about more than price…after all, when it comes to your health and safety, is the cheapest really in your best interest?

Northland Family Planning Centers are inspected and certified by the National Abortion Federation. We may not be the cheapest, but when it comes to your safety and health, what matters more... the cheapest price or a quality physician and clinic? Our fees are what we say, and there are no hidden costs. Be sure that other clinics are being honest about their price.  Ask questions. Our clinics are safe and clean, and we aren’t afraid to have you see them. Visit us. If you visit a different clinic that seems dingy and dirty, imagine what their surgical rooms may look like.

We want to take care of you and we promise to respect you and honor your dignity. You can tell that we care by the way we talk to you on the phone, when you come in and while you are here.

When choosing an abortion clinic, the best advice is to ask someone you know for a referral. Each year, more than 1 million choose to have an abortion in the United States. If a friend isn’t the right resource for you, ask your doctor.

Many factors go into making sure your abortion is safe, both physically and emotionally. For more information on how to find a quality abortion provider and what to look for to have the best experience possible, please read our Guide to Choosing a Quality Abortion Clinic. You may also want to review the information we have in our website section, The Abortion Decision and After Your Abortion and watch our video, Why Choose Northland Family Planning.

Some area clinics do not offer the State-Mandated 24-hour waiting information and instead send you to another clinic to get the information. This practice is evidence that these clinics do not have your best interest in mind.




Please be aware that these clinics often portray themselves as medical clinics and even choose names for their operations that seem legitimate. They advertise aggressively under Abortion or Women’s Organizations or Pregnancy. When you call, they are very pushy about having you come in rather than giving you information over the phone. One of their tactics is to offer a free ultrasound. Once you come in for the ultrasound, they don’t give unbiased and accurate information about your pregnancy options.

For your own safety and protection, ASK questions before you go to visit these clinics.

Ask them, “Do you perform abortions in your office?”

If they do not answer with a direct YES, you may not have contacted a legitimate provider. If they answer NO, then you have probably called a Crisis Pregnancy Center. There are a number of these pregnancy counseling and testing centers operated by anti-abortion groups. These centers do not present a complete, unbiased overview of pregnancy options. They do not provide accurate family planning or birth control information.

Remember, these clinics have a single goal: to prevent pregnant people from choosing abortion. One of their tactics is to make people wait for pregnancy test results, and while waiting, put on a film and give you literature to read that can be quite disturbing. If the information they give you is not CLEARLY marked as Michigan’s state-mandated information, we recommend you leave and find another facility."