First Steps


Before Abortion

There are some steps that you are required to take before you can come in for an abortion.

Michigan has a 24-hour Waiting Period Law which requires you go to the state's website and print out a confirmation. There are very specific instructions to follow before an abortion. 

WE CANNOT PERFORM YOUR ABORTION unless you PRINT the correct paperwork and BRING IT with you to your appointment.  This is Michigan State Law. 

Michigan’s Teen Abortion law requires minors (under age 18) to obtain written parental consent or a judicial bypass for abortion. We can help you with both.

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Unsure About Abortion?

If you are still in the process of deciding whether or not a first trimester or second trimester abortion is the right choice for you, this section contains tools to help you with the decision-making process. We know that choosing whether or not to terminate a pregnancy is not an easy decision.

For some, it is a decision that requires a lot of soul searching, and often involves other members of your family or close circle of friends.

Take your time. Use the tools we’ve provided, and please call our office for a pregnancy counseling appointment if you are interested in this additional service before an abortion.

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Your Safety and Privacy

Occasionally, picketers stand outside of the clinics, but there are laws that protect you.  They cannot enter onto private property and are restricted to the public sidewalks…Once inside our offices, you will immediately feel comfortable and safe.

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Financial Assistance

Northland Family Planning has financial help available for women living on a low income.  Our staff is exceptional at helping women in need obtain this funding assistance.  We can complete eligibility for funding at the same time you call to make your appointment. We are dedicated funding advocates for women- give us a call.

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