Abortion Options

As a patient-focused, patient-centered clinic, Northland Family Planning has always innovated abortion options to make sure you are in control of your abortion decision. Our highly trained staff will make sure you understand all of your options so that you feel confident in your choices.

If you are 10 weeks or less, you have the choice between a surgical abortion, also called an in-clinic abortion, or a medication, also called an at-home abortion. What makes one over the other the right choice is different for everyone. With the in-clinic surgical procedure, our staff takes care of you and everything for you. The procedure itself is quick, and you have access to sedation options for during the abortion. When you leave the clinic, your abortion will be complete.

The at-home abortion is an option for those who wish to be at home and managing their abortion. When you leave the clinic, after your first set of medications, you will still be pregnant. At home, you will follow-up with another medication at a time that you have chosen. You will pass the pregnancy in privacy of your own home, with the support of the family or friends you have chosen. It is primarily a self-managed abortion, with doctor guidance.

Sometimes people are not sure what is the best method to go with. That’s ok! A guide specifically produced to help you choose which method is best for you is available at this website. You can also find information on Northland’s web site, and over the phone when you call us.