Why You Should Avoid Cheap Abortion

“You get what you pay for” is an old saying we hear a lot. If you can get something cheap, it probably isn’t very good. Does that same old adage apply to healthcare, and specifically, abortion care? We think it does.

We understand that for most of our patients, cost is a huge concern. It is often one of the reasons for deciding to have an abortion in the first place. When you call a clinic and hear a number that deflates you further, and you know you just need to have an abortion and move on with your life, the temptation is real to find a clinic with the cheapest price for an abortion at your length of pregnancy.

We get it. But we know you deserve better. You deserve the care and compassion you will receive at Northland Family Planning. In our 43 years of operation (yes! NFP, has been here for 43 years!!!), we have witnessed first hand the very real costs (emotionally and physically) of choosing an abortion clinic that is cheap, hides costs, and takes shortcuts. We don’t want that for you. You should demand the same high-quality experience with your abortion that you would want for any other medical procedure. Northland can provide you with that, and also potentially help you with the cost.

Over the years, the cost of healthcare in general in the United States has risen drastically. You probably know this, and you probably feel it in your wallet just like we do. In so many cases people just don’t know and are not told what kind of costs they might incur with any procedure. Go to the ER? You might end up paying $629 for a BandAid. Calling around to find the exact expense of a procedure? Good luck.

This is the ridiculous state of American healthcare. And yet, the cost of an abortion has remained relatively stable for the last 20 years—even in the face of abortion providers dealing with more and more extremely expensive restrictions laws.

Not to mention the costs on your end of the abortion, most of which likely have nothing to do with the actual procedure itself. Anti-abortion zealots and organizations that introduce and support the costly abortion restrictions is what often times ends up costing you, our patient, money and stress you may not have planned on. Waiting period laws, driving much further to a clinic because there are not any other choices close to you (which might entail an overnight stay in a hotel), and having to take time off of work and pay for childcare all factor into your out-of-pocket costs.

Ok, that’s a lot of information, right? So what can Northland do to help you?

First, if you are lucky to have insurance coverage for an abortion, we likely are able to accept your insurance for payment. Hooray! All it requires is for us to verify your benefits before you come in for your appointment.

If you do not have insurance coverage, there are options. Northland Family Planning has access to two different kinds of abortion financial assistance. The first is based on eligibility and income level. It is an easy process to determine if you qualify for this financial assistance—we can do it right over the phone when you call us to schedule your appointment. Most of our patients qualify for this.

The second is access to Southeast Michigan’s only abortion fund, Reclaim’s MIWIN fund. This fund is solely based on patient need and not income. Eligibility for this assistance is determined before your abortion procedure or, rarely, in the clinic.

Call us at 1-800-447-7354, and we can review prices and options with you. We are here to help.