Second Trimester Abortion Clinics

If you are in your second trimester, and need an abortion, you’ve come to the right place. In the United States, only 10% of abortion clinics offer abortions to 24 weeks. Northland Family Planning is one of those clinics, right in your backyard. Not only are we close, but we are the most referred to clinic by area doctors for patients with fetal anomalies and second trimester abortions. 

Since 1976, Northland Family Planning has been a leader and innovator in abortion care, and that includes second trimester abortion care. When you come here, there is no judgment, no shame. We will support you through every step of the process.

There are two types of second trimester abortion, which is dependent on the result of your in-clinic ultrasound. If you are 14-16 weeks into a pregnancy, you will likely be eligible for a 1-Day D&E (dilation & evacuation) procedure. If you are 17-24 weeks pregnant, you will require a 2-Day D&E procedure. Your counselor will explain everything to you over the phone when you call to schedule, and then much more in depth when you come in for your appointment. 

If you need help navigating your emotions during this time, we can help with that, too. Our website has a lot of resources, and our staff can help you with additional informtation that will help you and your support person. Call us, we are here to help you.