Abortion Clinics in Ohio

Here at Northland Family Planning, we are aware that your family planning options are becoming increasingly limited and we want you to know that we are here for you. Northland Family Planning facilities are conveniently located just off the expressway, which makes getting to our offices from Ohio easy and fast. Our Westland and Southfield offices are an hour or less away from Toledo, Ohio.

Since 2011, Ohio has been targeted with some of the most severe anti-abortion restrictions in the Midwest. Access to abortion clinics in Ohio is now extremely limited. Where once residents had access to 26 abortion providers, Ohio residents now only have access to 9 (and 2 are medical abortion only).

Waiting Periods

Ohio's 24-hour mandatory wait law requires patients to have in-person counseling and a fetal heartbeat detection ultrasound with the doctor who will perform the abortion. Only after this in-person meeting does the 24-hour waiting period start. This means at least two visits to the facility. There is no medical reason for this requirement. 

In Michigan, we also have a 24-hour law, but it doesn’t require you to come in and have an appointment before your abortion. Patients can get the 24-hour information online, and a staff member will give the required verbal portion over the phone when you call to make your appointment.

Second Trimester Abortion

Currently, abortions in Ohio cannot be performed after 21 weeks LMP. At Northland, we are able to provide safe, legal abortion services up to 24 weeks LMP.

Abortion Pill Information

In Ohio, the abortion pill requires a mandatory in-person counseling visit 24 hours before your actual appointment, which means at least two visits. When you come to Northland, we don't require an additional visit, and you can get all your appointment paperwork online to make your visit even shorter. 

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