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Welcome to Northland Family Planning Centers, a Michigan-based abortion care and women’s gynecology health center unlike any other.  We invite you to experience the Northland difference.

We firmly believe that women should have the right to to obtain an abortion in their own community.  Unfortunately, the Indiana Legislature has taken that right away by passing restrictive laws designed to close local abortion clinics.  In fact, as of 2008, 95% of Indiana counties had NO abortion provider and abortion past 12 weeks must be performed in a hospital or a licensed surgery center.

As a result, women of Central and NE Indiana must leave their communities to have an abortion.  Every day, we care for women from communities such as Angola, Fort Wayne, LaGrange, South Bend, Elkhart, Auburn, Howe and other towns in Indiana.  For more information on the abortion laws in Indiana, CLICK HERE.

Northland Family Planning has 3 convenient locations in the metro Detroit area, with flexible scheduling options.  We offer the following:

  • Abortion Pill up to 9 weeks- requires only ONE VISIT to obtain medications
  • Surgical Abortion up to 24 weeks
  • Financial Assistance for Abortion
  • 24 hour Consent can be done by internet and phone
  • Fetal Anomaly Abortion Care
  • Limited Travel Assistance Available

As abortion care providers, we are dedicated to providing high-quality reproductive health and abortion services in a respectful, nurturing and inspiring atmosphere.  Whether you choose us for an early pregnancy abortion or second trimester abortion or the Abortion Pill, we promise you will receive exceptional care.

The Northland standard of care is focused on you.  The promise that you will be treated with kindness and with the dignity and respect you deserve is honored by all of our staff who ensure that your time with us will be spent in caring, clean and comfortable surroundings.

The Abortion Pill…in the comfort and privacy of your own home

The Abortion Pill (RU-486 or Medication Abortion) is a safe way to end a pregnancy in the earliest stages without a procedure.  Many women choose this method because it feels more natural.  They like being at home, having a friend or family member with them, not needing a procedure or anesthesia, and having more control over their medical care.

While the Abortion Pill method is a private experience, it is not one to go through alone.  Having a good support system is essential.  Understanding what is ahead is important.  We hope the following information will be helpful in making the choice whether the Abortion Pill is the right method for you.  Please CLICK HERE for more detailed information.

First Trimester Surgical Abortion

First Trimester Abortion is considered one of the safest outpatient procedures when performed by trained physicians.  Since 1976, Northland Family Planning Centers has been a nationally recognized and trusted provider of abortion care services throughout the Metro Detroit area.  We provide abortion care from 4 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, with all procedures performed in our clean, private surgical rooms.

Both our male and female licensed physicians are experts at the two early surgical methods of abortion offered by Northland Family Planning: Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and Early Standard Vacuum Aspiration.  Both methods end a pregnancy in an extremely safe & effective manner.  The decision on which method is best for you will depend on your length of pregnancy, your medical condition and your preferences.

More detailed information can be found here: First Trimester Abortion Information.

Safe, Surgical Abortions for Second Trimester Patients

A surgical abortion is the safest and only option for women seeking an abortion in the second trimester of pregnancy (15 to 24 weeks gestation).  Northland Family Planning has been a recognized and trusted leader in abortion care throughout the Metro Detroit area since 1976.  We are a team of pro-choice women and men committed to providing our patients with safe and compassionate abortion services.

Abortion is considered one of the safest out-patient surgical procedures when performed by trained doctors.  Our team of both male and female licensed OB/GYNs has been chosen because of their high standards and exceptional skills.  All surgical abortion procedures are performed in our clean, private surgical rooms and each patient is attended to by one of our caring health professionals.

More detailed information can be found here: Second Trimester Abortion Information

Fetal Anomaly Abortion Care

There are many reasons women in the second trimester of pregnancy face the decision of whether or not to have an abortion.  Perhaps it is a chance in life circumstances, an unforeseen medical condition, financial hardship or a fetal anomaly.  We know.  We understand.  We are here to listen and help.  CLICK HERE to see how Northland is dedicated to helping women and their families who have made the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy and why fetal-maternal medicine doctors trust us to help and treat their patients.

Pain Management Options

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear, and often the first question women ask is, “Does it hurt a lot?”  We don’t think it has to.  We understand how hard it is for many women to decide to have an abortion.  We don’t want concerns about pain to add to the worry and confusion.  So, relax… let us take good care of you.  CLICK HERE, and read about our unique pain management approach, including two IV sedation choices.

Michigan’s 24-Hour Paperwork Law

You MUST PRINT OUT The State Confirmation MORE than 24 hours before your abortion appointment and bring it with you to your appointment. If you don’t print it out and bring it with you WE CANNOT PERFORM YOUR ABORTION THAT DAY (this is Michigan law). You must bring the paperwork with you to your appointment. Only viewing the information does not satisfy the state law.

Please view and print the required information HERE.

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