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Expanded Medicaid Information: You Still Have Family Planning Coverage!!!

On April 1, 2014 the new expanded Medicaid program, called Healthy Michigan, went into effect. New enrollments into the former Plan First! program (which covered family planning services for eligible women at no cost) are no longer accepted. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), women currently enrolled in Plan First! or meet the criteria must apply for comprehensive health care coverage under the Healthy Michigan Plan or through other options on the Healthcare Marketplace.*

Annual exams, STI testing and birth control are STILL FREE with your Expanded Medicaid or Plan First! Program!!

We know that there are high deductibles and co-pay requirements for services through Healthy Michigan. However, patients who are qualified and enrolled in a Healthy Michigan plan have the same covered family planning benefits they had under Plan First!, with no co-pay or deductibles! Preventative and family planning services are exempt from the co-pay requirements of expanded Medicaid, so there will be no out of pocket costs to patients. This includes routine GYN exams, pregnancy testing, birth control counseling, birth control methods (condoms, birth control pills), testing for sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS testing and services.

Northland Family Planning is an authorized Healthy Michigan provider with the following plans:


We also accept MERIDIAN and BLUE CROSS COMPLETE and are working to be part of other health plans so check with us.

Call today to schedule your appointment! Northland Family Planning Centers strive to meet the gynecology and family planning needs of Michigan’s women. Not only do we provide the best medical care possible, we also create an environment where you are treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

*If you were ALREADY enrolled in the PLAN FIRST! program on April 1, 2014 or may have been enrolled after April 1, 2014, and have not been determined eligible for comprehensive health care coverage, your coverage has been extended until further notice by the state of Michigan. For more information, visit the Michigan’s Plan First! page.

For further information about the Health Michigan program, visit the Healthy Michigan Plan FAQs.  Questions about the Healthy Michigan Plan can be sent to

How do I sign up for Healthy Michigan Insurance?

To apply directly on online, CLICK HERE.   For a paper application, CLICK HERE.

If you qualify for the Healthy Michigan Plan you probably also qualify for Merck’s Patient Assistance Program that will cover the cost of the HPV vaccine.