Mark Schauer and Lisa Brown: The Clear Choice for Michigan Women

After 4 years of “One Tough Nerd” Michigan women have really felt the brunt of Snyder’s policies, from abortion and health care to fair pay.  It’s time for Michigan to embrace a governor who is willing to stand up for Michigan women and families, and that governor is Mark Schauer. Rick Snyder, a staunch anti-choice governor, signed the extremely restrictive and onerous bill HB5711 in a lame-duck session at the end of December 2012.  This bill, one of the most extreme anti-choice measures passed in the United States, polices abortion clinics as if they are hospital operating rooms.  It is a bill designed to impose outrageous regulations on clinics with the aim of forcing them to close down.  Clinics must now meet ridiculous restrictions like doorway size, and proper sinks (source)!  Without access there is no choice! Snyder also signed into law the fiscal year 2015 Michigan State Budget, which provides $800,000 of taxpayer funds directly to crisis pregnancy centers (source).  Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are fake clinics designed to lure women in to give biased, false information and scare them into not having an abortion, if that is what they are looking for information on.  They often use false and misleading films or pictures about abortion and lie about the medical and emotional effects of an abortion.  Is that where you want YOUR money to go? Snyder has restricted women’s access to health care, and has remained “noncommittal” on the very important issue of fair pay for women (source).  He also cut the Child Tax Credit from $425 to $25, while giving billions of dollars in tax-breaks to businesses (source)!  Does that sound like a governor working in the best interests of women and families? Mark Schauer has a long history of supporting women in Michigan.  As governor, he will work to repeal the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act, which bans insurance policies from covering abortions (no matter the situation) without an expensive rider (source).  Mark Schauer supports access to birth control options, and understands that a healthy woman means healthy families, which leads to a health economy. “By signing legislation that limits women’s access to basic healthcare, Rick Snyder has shown that he’s out of touch,” said Schauer. “Women have the right to make their own personal health decisions without interference from Lansing Republicans. As governor, I’ll always fight to protect women’s reproductive rights” (source). Mark Schauer has pledged, along with his running mate Lisa Brown, to work for Michigan women by fighting for equal pay lararequirements, restoring the child tax credit, extend paid sick leave and require companies with 50 or more employees to allow pregnant or sick employees up to three months of unpaid leave (source).  For more information, please see Mark Schauer for Michigan.

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