The Abortion Decision

The pregnancy test has confirmed: you’re pregnant. For some women as soon as they see the positive sign on the stick, they know what their decision is. They know that, right now, a pregnancy is not in the cards. Their abortion decision is not complicated, and they are immedietly 100% sure of their choice.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings about their choice, of course. There may still be some regret, sadness, or fear before the procedure. A sense of loss or longing—maybe even anger. But they are sure of their choice.

For others, their quick decision might not come with many feelings. They might simply feel a desire to move on with their lives, and relief that they know their plan.

Sometimes, being faced with an unplanned pregnancy can bring up a lot of issues, some that appear unrelated to pregnancy. This can cloud their thoughts and hinder the decision making process. Ultimately, the choice should come from a loving heart and a clear head. You know your life situation best and will make the decision that is not only best for yourself but for those who already depend on you.

If you are pregnant and unsure of your path, we encourage you to involve someone – a relative, partner, friend, religious advisor, a physician or someone you trust to talk about the options in front of you. In addition, there are many helpful tools available to help you work through the decision-making process, including Northland’s Head and Heart Counseling, an unbiased, free pregnancy counseling service offered exclusively by Northland Family Planning.

No matter what you feel, or what your process is, remember do not judge yourself! You are not “supposed” to feel one way or another about an abortion. While millions of women choose abortion, your abortion experience is uniquely your own. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel about your unplanned pregnancy.

Here are a couple of websites we really like to help with decision-making:

  • Imagine Counseling, experienced counselors who have worked with abortion patients across the country. $25 introductory fee for an hour session
  • Pregnancy Options Workbook will help you get help seeing the realistic picture of all your choices–abortion, adoption and parenthood. Included are exercises and rituals which help the decision-making process
  • The National Abortion Federation has a nice decision-making workbook as well that you might find fits your needs or style

The staff at Northland Family Planning is compassionate, nonjudgmental, and knowledable. Let us help you navigate through your decision. Call us today, you are not alone. <3