The Women’s Health Services at Northland Family Planning

Doctors and providers around the state and the country are familiar with Northland Family Planning’s excellent reputation for abortion care, from 4-24 weeks. Did you know, though, that Northland is also known for the healthcare we provide to women as well?

Northland Family Planning proudly offers comprehensive gynecological care with our nurse clinician. Each office offers routine paps, pelvic exams, and breast exams. STI testing and treatment, including partner treatment, is also available for patients.

Not a Northland patient, but need to get in ASAP to see a clinician? We can do that! With our Urgent Gyn Care program, you can see our clinician now! We can help with:

  • Treatment for a vaginal discharge
  • Treatment for a yeast infection
  • Treatment for a bladder infection (UTI- urinary tract infection)
  • Testing & treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI)

These visits are designed to be short and quick to deal with your current problem only. We accept insurance for these services and we offer reasonable fees if you are currently without insurance. We understand that when problems arise and you need to see a doctor, you may not have time for a full, routine exam and just need to take care of the medical problem you’re having.

What else do we provide? Birth control options and prescriptions, the morning after pill, the HPV vaccine, and more. Call Northland Family Planning to discuss your needs and options, and schedule today!