New Mammogram Tech to Improve Patient Comfort During Screening

“It’s time to schedule you for your mammogram,” your provider says. 

For many women, first timers or not, these words can bring up a lot: anxiety, fear, worries about the pain. It’s common to have that reaction. In an effort to provide women more comfort and control during a mammogram, GE has invented a device (with FDA approval) for their mammogram machines that would allow patients more power over their experience.

It is called Pristina Dueta. The handheld device allows patients to control and change the amount of compression applied to their breasts during a mammogram. After the breast is compressed, the technician will guide the patient in adjusting it by using the remote. 

“Mammograms can be uncomfortable or even painful,” said Agnes Berzsenyi, President and CEO of GE Healthcare Women’s Health. “Engineered by a team of women for women, GE Healthcare has transformed mammography with the creation of patient-assisted compression to decrease pain associated with the exam, improve patient experience and increase outcomes for breast cancer screening which we know saves lives.”

The potential for this device to assist in saving lives is significant. Many women avoid or delay mammograms because of fear and anxiety. The hope is that a device such as this will help ease women’s worries and those reluctant to come in will be less hesitant. The more lives saved the better.

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