Choosing Birth Control That’s Best For You

You want birth control. You need birth control. Where do you even begin in deciding what birth control is best for you? The choices can feel overwhelming!

No worries, though! You don’t have to decide this alone. As a patient at Northland Family Planning’s Health Center for Women, you will have the guidance of our staff and the certified nurse midwife, who will help you review your choices to make the best decision for your lifestyle and your needs.

Want to learn a little more before you come in? Keep reading. 

Birth control choices range from the old stand by, the daily pill, to the new monthly ring and everything in between. And what once was old is new again: the IUD and implant. Your decision will be based on preferences that you have and your health history. Some things to think about:

Are you good at remembering a daily pill?

Would you rather not have to think about birth control every day, every month, every year?

Are you planning to get pregnant within the next year, 5 years, or 10 years? Or ever?

Is a hormonal method compatible with your health history, or do you need something non-hormonal?

How about something that works immediately?

Don’t want to bother with something that will interrupt sex?

Prefer a method that is more private?

There are a couple of great websites out there that can help you do some research before you come in to discuss with your provider. We recommend Bedsider, a super fun, sex positive and pro-choice website that can help you navigate through so much more than just what birth control method to pick.   Another great site to check out is the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals website. Want a quick and easy chart comparing methods? The Reproductive Health Access Project has great information. 

Need an emergency birth control RIGHT NOW? That’s available, too. The emergency contraception pill, commonly called the morning after pill, is available to help protect against pregnancy and can be taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. We can also get you started on a regular birth control method quickly with our Quick! Start program.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed or intimidated by your birth control choices! Call us today.