Examining Your Pregnancy Choices

When you’re faced with an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, it can feel like your entire life is up for examination. Especially if you are unsure of what your pregnancy decision will be. Some women know immediately when they see the “positive” on the pregnancy test. Their answer is clear and easy. For others, confusion and conflict shroud their decision. Either way, it’s ok and it’s normal

If you have a positive pregnancy test, you have three options: to continue the pregnancy, to choose adoption, or choose abortion. Northland Family Planning can help you if you are feeling conflicted about your choice. Here, we use Head and Heart Counseling. Sometimes, your heart wants something different from what your head tells you is the best choice—this is normal. Either way, we can help make sure your head and heart are in alignment, no matter the choice. 

If you’re considering parenthood, some important things to consider include (but are not limited to):

  • How supportive will your partner be (emotionally, financially, physically)?
  • Is your living situation currently appropriate to bring a child into? If not, can you make it so?
  • Will family members be available and supportive (emotionally, financially, child care, living accommodations, etc.)?
  • Will you be able to attain your long-term goals to make your life better for you and your child?
  • Do you have health insurance? Are you willing to consider WIC, Medicaid, and other assistance programs if necessary? 

Northland Family Planning is proud to partner with Choice Network Adoptions for all of our adoption referrals. Choice Network is a part of the “new generation” of adoption providers, who trust women and their choices. They truly respect a woman’s path, and if that path involves an abortion decision, they support that, too. The staff at Choice Network can help you navigate through the many questions about how an open adoption works, what kind of home you envision for your child, and how much you want to be involved. 

Finally, you can choose to have an abortion. Here at Northland Family Planning, we know we will provide you with the best abortion care services anywhere. We treat all of our patients with the dignity, respect, and kindness you deserve. However, we encourage you to do your homework when looking for an abortion clinic. You should make sure to ask the staff on the phone of any clinic you call important questions to help determine if that clinic is the best place for you. Make sure that any clinic you go to will take loving care of your mind, body, and spirit. 

For a complete online workbook about making a pregnancy decision, we recommend the Pregnancy Options Workbook. If you have questions please call us, we can help.