We ARE Good Women!!

View ALL of our "We ARE Good Women Videos" HERE We ARE Good Women FINALE Video... WITH MORE TO COME SO STAY TUNED... Check out the latest blog piece from founder, Karen Teegarden, about this project- "Women, Together, Will Change the Conversation!" A few years ago, Northland Family Planning decided to make a video about women’s goodness and to take a stand against the stigmatization, shame and judgment women are told they should experience from having an abortion.  The issues women deal with are MORE from the way society labels them, than the abortion itself.  When a woman's "goodness" is called into question because of a thoughtful decision she made, this must be recognized as harmful to all women.  WE COULD NOT SILENTLY STAND BY WHILE THIS CONTINUED. The video we made, Everyday, Good Women Choose Abortion, is intended to help women reclaim their "goodness". We know that women who choose abortion are GOOD, moral women making a responsible decision about an unintended pregnancy. What we have come to understand since creating this video is that women are stigmatized and judged in MANY aspects of their life.  Being a single parent, experiencing a need for food stamps, surviving domestic violence, choosing not to have children and being transgender are just a few of the MANY ways by which women experience stigma and judgment. Society often judges women by the tough choices they make; the experiences they survive; or the ways they don't conform to society's idea of how a woman should be--deeming us "bad women". has partnered with Northland Family Planning Centers and the Abortion Care Network to change that conversation. Here is the first in a series of our "We Are Good Women" videos. And here is the second. Thanks to so many in our joint communities for sharing their stories and photos. Please share this widely and help us change the conversation. No one should be judged by one aspect of her life. It is the judgment and stigmatization of various aspects of our lives that creates the most harm!