What Would A World Without Providers Look Like?

Again and again, “defunding Planned Parenthood” comes up with politicians looking to score political points with men who want to continue to control women and the women who support them (yes, that exists). Countless articles have been written about what kind of effect any federal funding cuts would have on Planned Parenthood and the women, families, and communities who rely on their services. But sometimes seeing is believing.

Recently, Joss Whedon of all kinds of fame released a video that shows two starkly different worlds. And while the message is specific to a world without Planned Parenthood, legislation that targets Planned Parenthood also affects independent providers, like Northland Family Planning. The larger significance is what kind of world do you support—one without access to birth control, STI testing, or cancer screening? A nation where women are routinely denied access to education, medication, and procedures that literally allow them to pursue the lives they hope to lead?

That sounds horrific, right?

Independent providers, including Northland Family Planning, offer all of that for our patients, and support from you for Planned Parenthood will ultimately help support women everywhere, including those who see independent providers for care.

If you are confused about your birth control options, schedule an appointment for an exam and talk with our female clinician about what works best for you. Northland offers all birth control options, from the pill, to the Nuva Ring, depo shot, and IUDs (plus more!). Worried about a sexually transmitted infection? Come in and get tested, and put your mind at ease. We also offer the morning after pill, or Plan B, if you had unprotected sex and are in need of pregnancy protection.