The IUD and Nexplanon: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Options Explained

Northland Family Planning is now proudly offering Mirena, Paragard, and the Nexplanon implant as contraceptive options to our patients. Not sure what this means? Keep reading!

Mirena and Paragard are IUDs. An IUD is an intrauterine device, which is a long-lasting option for contraception. Mirena, which releases a hormone, protects against pregnancy for up to 5 years, and Paragard, which does not release a hormone, for up to 10 years. This small device is inserted by a doctor into your uterus in a quick procedure, where it remains for the duration of time (5-10 years) you wish to delay pregnancy.

Nexplanon is a small hormonal implant that a doctor inserts under the skin of your upper arm. Nexplanon is safe for use for up to 3 years.

Both options, the IUD or the Nexplanon implant, offer women continuous, uninterrupted birth control options. No need to think about when to take a pill, or insert a ring. More and more women are choosing these options to delay pregnancy safely and effectively.

If you have insurance, chances are that it will cover your LARC contraceptive choice. If you don’t have insurance, Northland offers a reduced cash fee for LARC devices. Call Northland Family Planning today to find out more about your options and coverage, and to schedule your appointment.