Pregnancy Tests: Who to Trust

You’re late for your period and you Google “free pregnancy tests.” Now… where do you go? Who do you trust?

Finding and taking a free pregnancy test in an office you can trust is actually more difficult than you might think. Many women have found themselves tricked by a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Places that go by the names “Pregnancy Counseling Center” or advertise “Pregnant? Need help?” are often right-to-life organizations disguised as judgment-free zones, claiming they will offer you information on all your options, but will really only badger and preach to you. Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) lie and coerce women, and are not to be trusted. For more information and extensive research that has been done on these clinics, check out this report compiled by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

So whom should you trust? If you have an established relationship with a doctor, you might want to start there. Some women prefer to keep their pregnancy confidential until they have made a decision about what they will do moving forward. Northland Family Planning has been the trusted choice for providing pregnancy testing and counseling for thousands of women since 1976. Here, you will meet with a counselor who will accurately read your pregnancy test result and go over all of your options with you. Northland Family Planning is partnered with an adoption agency, Choice Network, and has many referrals to area doctors for continued prenatal care. And, if abortion is your choice, we can care for you in our offices. 

Call our office any time to talk to a trusted professional about pregnancy testing. You don’t need an appointment to take a test—visit any of our three locations during business hours. We can help.