Why Northland Family Planning Centers is Supporting President Obama for Re-Election this November

If You Care about Women’s Health & Families, Obama Is the ONLY Choice This Election. WHY, you ask? When it comes to this presidential election, making your choice in the voting booth has never been more important for women, reproductive rights & families. Northland Family Planning Centers is proud to support President Obama for reelection. He is the ONLY candidate that supports women, equality & families. The Republican-Waged War on Women & Reproductive Rights has made this a simple choice- from birth control, to mammogram coverage, to abortion rights, to equal pay for women & support for struggling families- he has shown his support & we support him for that. We urge you to vote Obama this election, to ensure the safety of a woman’s right to choose. Check out our document at the link below to see how the candidates measure up on important issues for women's health & families.

Download the Obama Election Flyer 2012