Reclaim: Our Dignity, Our Goodness, Our Reproductive Rights

Since 1976, Northland Family Planning has not only been providing women in Michigan with exceptional, high-quality abortion and gynecological services. We have also been heavily involved in advocacy and activism work, ensuring that women in Michigan and across the country have access to safe abortion care by fighting constant anti-abortion and anti-women laws, and assisting legislatures in creating proactive, protective measures for choice. Renee Chelian, founder and CEO of NFP, has dedicated her life to ensuring abortion access, whether that means fighting a new anti-abortion law in Michigan courts, testifying in front of Congress, or speaking to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Switzerland to successfully secure abortion rights as human rights.

Advocacy will always be a cornerstone of the work at Northland. In order for NFP to continue this work, we are excited and proud to introduce Reclaim, a new non-profit organization. The mission of Reclaim is to empower women and communities to reclaim their moral goodness, reproductive rights, and access to reproductive healthcare. Reclaim will engage in advocacy, community outreach, and education to facilitate transformation in cultural views of reproductive health. The three main focal points of Reclaim are (1) advocacy, (2) community engagement & education, (3) the MI WIN Fund.

Reclaim’s launch couldn’t come at a better time. With a Trump presidency looming, and Republicans in Congress taking active steps towards repeal of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), women in Michigan need advocates now more than ever.

And YOU can help.

Reclaim’s Michigan Women In Need Fund (MI WIN Fund) raises money to help Northland Family Planning Center’s patients overcome the many barriers to high-quality abortion care. We know first-hand of the struggles many have in trying to access abortion care, such as:

  • Raising funds in time to have their abortion when income is low
  • Transportation to and from the clinic, which can be over 100 miles
  • Extended time away from work or family that can force long waits or job loss
  • Childcare needs when they may be gone for over 24 hours or even just for a few hours on day of appt

Your donation can help fund not only the abortion itself, but also cost of gas, transportation services like an uber or cab, babysitting, food if the patient is spending night, lodging, and other costs that go into having an abortion.

All donations to Reclaim are 100% tax deductible, and you can choose where your money goes. Whether it is to the MI WIN Fund or advocacy and education, you get to designate where your donation is used.

Want to help by volunteering? Reclaim is also looking for volunteers to help MI WIN Fund patients with:

  • Babysitting
  • Transportation
  • Interpreters (especially ASL, Chaldean, Arabic languages, Spanish)

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Include your contact information and what specifically you would like to help with.

Other ways to get involved:

Are you a woman in need, coming to Northland Family Planning for an abortion? Please fill out this form on Reclaim’s website.

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