Trusting Women: True Choices Made Here

The core belief of Northland Family Planning is choice. From our mission statement:

We believe the world is a better place when women have the freedom to make their own decisions regarding their bodies, reproductive options, and sexuality.  That includes any decision about an unplanned pregnancy.  Free from any kind of intrusion or intimidation from anyone or any agency.

For this reason, and so many more, we were thrilled to meet Molly, founder of Choice Network, an adoption agency based out of Ohio.

Molly started Choice Network after she realized that there was no real partnership between family planning clinics and adoption agencies. “My heart is in the pro-choice movement,” she says, “Choice Network felt like my way to make an impact on the movement.” Molly’s mission is to help offer “true choice, true options for women.”

And she does exactly that. By partnering with Northland Family Planning, she is able to work with clinic staff in assisting women who are making difficult decisions. “Northland Family Planning makes sure women know about all their options, and patients trust the staff at Northland,” said Molly.

Choice Network helps birth mothers from beginning to end, making the process woman-focused, instead of baby-focused. In this way, through the open adoptions, women are advocating for themselves, empowering themselves throughout. “Birth mother’s rights and strengths need to be recognized and felt. Without the women there are no babies. Our families and mothers speak to each other from the heart—there is this raw feeling, you fall in love with your birth mother because you see the rawness and strength of what she is doing.”

Northland Family Planning is Choice Network’s true pilot program. “We have had the most success in our partnership with Northland. In 2 years we’ve done over 20 adoptions together,” Molly explained. She believes the success is due, in part, to Northland’s ability to counsel women about true choices, and women can hear open adoption as an option on a way that is open, honest and loving.

And Northland Family Planning believes the success comes from Molly and Choice Network’s amazing ability to make sure the woman knows she comes first—that she is the priority in this situation. “Molly offers, unequivocally, support, kindness and help with the utmost dignity and respect to every woman she works with, even those who end up not choosing adoption. We know of women whose hearts were breaking and Molly offered to help them keep their babies if that is what she wanted. She helps them deal with the loss, pain and grief, “ said Renee Chelian, “She is a fierce advocate for these birth moms in the hospital. She drives up from Columbus whenever the babies are being born and stays by the mother’s side, making sure the hospitals and state do not try to take advantage of the birth mom.”  

This partnership is what true choice looks like. But don’t take it from us. Take it from these women:

“Northland gave me Choice Network’s information back in October when I came in too far along for an abortion. The staff were so helpful and kind to me. When I came home and explained the situation to my very strict, Muslim family they insisted I place my baby with a family friend. In December, just a week away from my due date, I felt like this was not the right family for my baby. I remembered the staff at Northland and called Molly with Choice Network.  Without Molly I don’t know how I would have gotten through the process. My family had certain wishes for a closed adoption, but Molly made my wishes in the hospital come true. I was able to hold the baby, and spend time saying “goodbye for now.” My family was pressuring me into a closed adoption but I was able to find a family I can communicate with directly and I have peace of mind that my baby is cherished and well taken care of. Thanks so much to Molly, she made this extremely difficult process as easy as possible.” Hanna, 16

“I got information from Northland for Choice Network when I was facing an unplanned pregnancy with my daughter. I met with Joni several times before deciding ultimately to raise her with my boyfriend. Even in the hospital I had concerns but our families promised to help and brought us a car seat and everything we needed. Less than a year later I was pregnant again and still struggling financially. My car had broken down, I was unemployed and my boyfriend and I were struggling. Parenting was out of the question for me but I wanted to choose an amazing family. All I could think about was Northland and Choice Network. It felt like a sign. We immediately started interviewing families and chose a great family to adopt our son. We wanted a multiracial and very open family, which is exactly what we got. We are so grateful to Northland and Choice Network for helping my family.” Tiona, 21

“Choice Network performs miracles. Thank you so much for everything you did for me.” Dana, 15

“I’ve received so much confirmation that the universe was “steering” me towards Northland and from there to Choice Network. Placing my son is allowing him and I to have the lives we were both meant to live.” Hailey, 22 

Have more questions about adoption? Call Northland Family Planning at 1-800-447-7354 or Choice Network at 1-866-989-1466