Traditionally Republican-Backing Religious Groups Turn to Hillary Clinton

In recent weeks, the United States has witnessed a shift within faith-based communities and support (or lack thereof) for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Historically, the religious right has thrown its backing behind the Republican Party whole-heartedly, favoring increasingly conservative social views (think the religious right was founded over abortion? You’re wrong. Check out this article about the history here). And while that has not been true of some evangelical Christians, who immediately recognized Trump’s candidacy as a threat to the morals they espouse, it was safe to say that the religious right and other religious cohorts of conservative social values would likely vote for Trump.

Until now.

With the release of the infamous Access Hollywood video, many religious leaders and figureheads are bailing on Trump. Bigger news than that—their base is leaving Trump in droves. According to a new Public Religion Research Institute poll dated 10/11/2016:

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of white evangelical voters remain committed to supporting Trump, while only 16% say they favor Clinton. However, Trump fares much worse among other white Christian voters, a notable shift from support patterns in recent elections. White mainline Protestants voters are split between the two candidates with an equal number supporting Trump (42%) and Clinton (42%). (Find the PRRI poll here). 

Of course, those numbers are still significant. What is telling is that in 2012, according to the Pew Research Center, Mitt Romney received 79% of white evangelical votes overall.

In a new survey of likely Catholic voters, Clinton is leading Trump 46% to 40%. When you break it down by gender, the gap is even more startling: 50% of Catholic women support Hillary Clinton, while only 35% support Trump.

And, maybe the biggest news regarding religious affiliation and Republican support, comes out of Utah. For the first time since Lyndon Johnson, Democrats are thinking about a possible Utah win. While many Mormons from the very beginning warned against Trump’s lack of moral character, many have come out swinging against Trump since the release of the video.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz told CNN, “I’m out. I’m not going to put my good name and reputation and my family behind Donald Trump for president when he acts like this. I just can’t do it.”

The Deseret News, a newspaper published and owned by the Mormon Church, published an editorial denouncing Trump and calling on him to end his candidacy. Pretty big deal, to say the least.

Many of those with a strong religious background are citing exactly that—their beliefs in social justice, a strong moral code they live by through their faith, as the precise reason they will be voting for Hillary Clinton this November.

Vote Pro-Choice this November.

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