Obamacare, The Election & Your Birth Control

August 1st, 2012 marked the first official day of Obamacare. Formally known as the Affordable Care Act, this now means that women across America have access to preventative healthcare services with no copay. This Act includes coverage for crucial healthcare services such as breastfeeding support and counseling, screening and counseling for domestic violence, screenings for gestational diabetes and HIV and counseling about sexually transmitted infections. One of the benefits includes birth control coverage by insurance with NO COPAY. This is a BIG, significant change. With copays that range anywhere from $30-$80 a month approximately, this is a significant savings! Not to mention that now, preventative care well-woman visits will also have no copay! Read about all the many ways women will benefit. These women’s health care provisions in the Affordable Care Act are directed at closing the disparity gap in health care that exists between men and women in this country. Women have paid more for their basic, preventative health care than men for far too long. And this is a step in the right direction- with the goal of eliminating these disparities. So how does this tie into the current election, you ask? As this thoughtful article on RH Reality Check states, “Birth control access is a force multiplier for young people”. Birth control allows for control over your own life, in a way that scares the bejeezus out of so many fundamentalist politicians. When young people have physical control over when they bring new life into this world, they have the power to determine their future. With education, financial stability, the ability to dream and begin to realize those dreams- they are on a path to betterment for themselves. Sadly, this is not looked upon very positively by the power structures currently in place in this country. And this is precisely why so many of these (mainly Republican) politicians are STILL are trying to overturn the contraception mandate, limit access to reproductive healthcare in any way they can, cut funding for family planning or try to outlaw contraception, period! While the benefits of access to contraception are undeniably positive, there are still many fundamentalists shouting from the rooftops about the ills of all reproductive health care. With this current war on women literally sweeping across this country like wildfire via newly introduced legislation, there is NO better time than for young people to stand up and demand that these legislators NOT take away these rights. WE MUST VOTE in this November election- for those who will not deny you access to basic preventative health care.