Pro-Choice Holiday Season Giving!


The holiday season is here, and many people use this time of celebration to give back to their communities and to the causes they support.  Often, people want to give to organizations that are pro-choice and are doing real, progressive work in ensuring that women and their families are able to continue to have access to safe, legal abortion, but are not sure where their donations are best used.  Northland Family Planning would like to share a few of our favorite organizations, without whom we would not be able to continue our work of providing safe, high-quality abortion care. Center For Reproductive Rights:  The mission of CRR is: “The Center for Reproductive Rights uses the law to advance reproductive freedom as a fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.” CRR works tirelessly to ensure that anti-choice, anti-women laws that are passed in state legislatures and around the world are defeated in court.  CRR has worked in Michigan and with Northland Family Planning on numerous occasions, and has made abortion access less difficult than the state would like it to be for you, our patients.  A monetary gift to CRR ensures their continued fight for your rights. Abortion Care Network:  The mission statement of Abortion Care Network states “We are committed to creating a community that supports the right of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care.” Northland Family Planning has been a member of ACN since it was founded in 2008.  However, before the Abortion Care Network was formed, it’s members and leadership were part of two other organizations called the National Coalition of Abortion Providers (NCAP) and the Abortion Conversation Project (ACP).  The Abortion Care Network is continuing the work of NCAP, with the Abortion Conversation Project as a sister foundation to ACN. From the ACN website, “ACN leadership wants us, as an organization, to explore what makes us passionate about our work. The majority of ACN members are independent clinic owners and staff who are forward thinking and desire to use this growing network to be a force for social change. ACN encourages clinics to not only pay attention to our practice of abortion, but also to engage in our communities to challenge the stigma that faces women when they leave our doors.” National Abortion Federation:  NAF’s mission is “to ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion care, which promotes health and justice for women.” The majority of our patients qualify for financial assistance for their abortion through the Justice Fund, which is managed by NAF.  And while you cannot make a donation directly to the Justice Fund, NAF has two other funds they use to help women pay for their abortions.  From the website, “The Rachel Falls Patient Assistance Fund helps women who call the NAF Hotline who would otherwise not be able to afford the abortion care they need” and “The Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund helps cover travel-related expenses for women who call the NAF Hotline seeking abortion care. This fund honors the many contributions of NAF member Dr. George Tiller who was murdered by an anti-abortion extremist in 2009.”  This is the most direct way you can support choice. These are just three organizations that Northland Family Planning’s patients directly benefit from.  Any contribution you decide to gift to them ultimately impacts the women we see here.  Thank you for supporting a woman’s right to abortion access and happy holidays to all!